Unit Ex007

Perform visual & close inspection of electrical installations in or associated with explosive atmospheres


This Unit of Competence covers evaluating the completeness of a hazardous area verification dossier and compliance of the explosion-protected aspects of the electrical installations within the constraints of a visual or close inspection. It requires the ability to work safely in a hazardous area, evaluate a verification dossier, identify explosion-protected equipment with their certification and specified location, inspect an installation for compliance and report and act on inspection results.

This unit of competence is based on IEC 60079-14 and IEC 60079-17 and any other relevant standards that may apply.

The applicant shall have the level of technical education (or equivalent) attained, relevant to the application, through documents such as College Certificates and Trade Credentials etc. For an operative a minimum 3 years experience in industrial electrical installation practice. For a responsible person a minimum 3 years experience in Ex electrical installation practice relevant to the scope of the unit of competence being applied for taking into account the scope limitations.

Competence in this unit shall be assessed either concurrently with or after Unit Ex 001 – Apply basic principles of protection in explosive atmospheres

Assessment of training and competence:

Each applicant will be required to demonstrate their competence through theoretical tests relevant to the competence applied for:

A rigorous theoretical exam will take the form of both Selected Response and Constructed Response questions. The duration of a knowledge test shall be based on the following:

  • Selected Response Questions – 2 minutes per answer
  • Constructed Response Questions – 3 minutes per short answer, 5 minutes per extended answer and 3 minutes per calculation.

The following is an example of the number of questions and duration of assessment for Unit 007 based on Unit 001 Competence having being granted for Flameproof Ex d, Increased Safety Ex e and Intrinsically Safe Ex i. The assessment time is based on an average of 2 minutes for selected response questions and 4 minutes for constructed response question.

Response A
(100% correct)
Response B
(80% correct)
Response C
(80% correct)
Total number
of items
5.22 6 8 2 16 36 Mins
5.36 4 6 2 12 28 Mins
5.37 Practical Assessment 3 Hrs
  4 Hrs 4 Mins

Where multiple Units are assessed during the same assessment activity the questions used on one Unit need not be repeated in the assessment of subsequent Units. For example, where an assessment is undertaken for Unit Ex 003 and Ex 004 together it is not necessary to repeat those Clauses of OD 504 already covered in Ex 003 when assessing for Ex 004


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OD503 Fig 1B - The Pathway to obtaining an IECEx CoPC for units Ex 001 – Ex 010


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