Assessment of Knowledge

The unit of knowledge covers safety obligations and minimum basic knowledge.

UnitTitleUnit Content 
Unit Ex000 Basic knowledge and awareness to enter a site that includes a classified hazardous area
  • The nature of explosive hazards and hazardous areas
  • Occupational Health & Safety responsibilities related to hazardous areas
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Competence Units - Assessment & Testing

The information below lists all the competency categories within the scheme.

UnitTitleUnit Content 
Unit Ex001 Apply basic principles of protection in explosive atmospheres
  • Prepare to work in hazardous area
  • Observe condition of explosion-protection system area
  • Take actions to limit risk of an explosion
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Unit Ex002 Perform classification of hazardous areas
  • Establish the type and extent of zones
  • Determine the type and extent of explosion hazard
  • Document classification and delineation of zones
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Unit Ex003 Install explosion-protected equipment and wiring systems
  • Prepare for installation of equipment and wiring
  • Install the equipment and wiring systems
  • Confirm that the installation is completed (RP Only)
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Unit Ex004 Maintain equipment in explosive atmospheres
  • Prepare to carry out maintenance
  • Carry out maintenance
  • Complete maintenance work inspections and documentation
  • Establish maintenance requirements
  • Develop and implement maintenance schedule (RP Only)
  • Evaluate maintenance program (RP Only)
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Unit Ex005 Overhaul and repair of explosion-protected equipment
  • Prepare for overhaul/repair of equipment
  • Carry out the overhaul or repair work
  • Document overhaul/repair work
  • Establish the lever of overhaul required (RP Only)
  • Arrange the overhaul & repair work (RP Only)
  • Verify the equipment complies with original certification (RP Only)
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Unit Ex006 Testing of installations
  • Prepare to conduct testing
  • Conduct testing
  • Confirm and document test results
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Unit Ex007 Perform visual & close inspection of electrical installations in or associated with explosive atmospheres
  • Prepare for Inspection
  • Conduct Inspection
  • Report Inspection Results
  • Evaluate record system (RP Only)
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Unit Ex008 Perform detailed inspection of electrical installations in or associated with explosive atmospheres
  • Prepare for inspection
  • Conduct inspection
  • Report inspection results
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Unit Ex009 Design electrical installations in or associated with explosive atmospheres
  • Establish Design Brief
  • Design system & installation
  • Check & finalise design
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Unit Ex010 Perform audit inspection of electrical installations in or associated with explosive atmospheres
  • Audit hazardous area documentation and prepare to audit as-built installation
  • Conduct audit
  • Report audit results
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Evidence of Education

Copies of documents that provide evidence of education attained, relevant to the application, are required through documents such as Degree, Diploma, College Certificates, Trade Tests and Professional Institute recognition etc.

Evidence of Training

Copies of documents demonstrating relevant training undertaken on the Explosive Atmospheres Unit of Competency applied for shall be provided. These documents may be Certificates issued by an independent organization or trade association or may be a formal internal programme of training set by and endorsed/countersigned by the relevant employer.

Evidence of Experience

A brief résumé with the latest experience first. The résumé should provide details of the Employer, type of industry, position and responsibility and relevance to the applicable Unit of Competency applied for including:

  • Protection Techniques used
  • Standards & Codes of practice used
  • A detailed description of duties undertaken as appropriate to the unit of competency applied for.

Validation of the work experience may be provided by employers or clients. All of the information provided above will be used in the assessment of the applicant prior to testing of knowledge and skills as appropriate.


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